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Financial Intermediary Institution Statistics,

1698 found waste disposal and recycling plants operating in Turkey

Waste Disposal and Recovery Facilities Survey; all waste disposal and recovery facilities with licensed or provisional activity certificates, and even landfills, incineration and composting facilities operated by or on behalf of municipalities. According to the survey results, a total of 1 698 facilities, 140 waste disposal facilities and 1 558 recovery facilities, were operating in 2016.

44 million tons of waste disposed of in landfill facilities

Total waste capacity of 834 million m3 was determined in 134 landfill facilities and 44 million tons of waste, 6 million tons of which were hazardous, were disposed of.

310 thousand tons of waste was disposed of in incineration plants

A total of 310 thousand tons of waste was disposed of in 6 incineration plants with a total capacity of 644 thousand tons / year, of which 63 thousand tons were hazardous and 248 thousand tons were non-hazardous.

33 million tons of waste recycled in recovery facilities

In 7 composting plants with a total capacity of 424 thousand tons / year, 140 thousand tons of waste was processed and 20 thousand tons of compost was produced. In addition, 739 thousand tons of waste were incinerated in 35 co-incineration facilities with licensed waste recovery. In the other licensed waste recycling facility, a total of 32 million tons of metal, plastic, paper, mineral, etc. are used. waste recycled.