Capacity Reports

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Capacity Reports


- Copy of SSI service breakdown (Last term)
- Deed document or lease copy of the contract (stamped and signed by the company)
- List of machinery installations and fixtures (Approved by Accountant)
- If the machines are leased, at least 1 year lease agreement and signature circular of the parties (stamped and signed by the company)
Turkey Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges 525,00.-per account will be credited, original or copy of the receipt to be added to the documents.
(Akbank Ministries / Ankara Branch: IBAN No: 0069072-7: TR 350004600153888000069072)

-The room fee will be paid to the cashier or bank account. (Fees vary in the first month of each year.)

-Expert fee is 227,00 _TL and will be deposited in the bank accounts of the experts. Account information will be taken from the Chamber.

Expert Report
Used Machine Age Determination
The importing company receives the petition of the Customs Directorate, the customs entry declaration and the machine invoice (translated), and determines the age of the machine by the room expert, and prepares an appraisal report by the relevant customs communiqué.

Detection of Machines to be Repaired Abroad
The machine, device etc. that will be sent abroad for repair, calibration or similar operations. In addition, a petition, declaration of customs entry, photocopy of invoice, photocopy of guarantee certificate, if any, brochure is taken and appraisal report is prepared by the related customs communiqué.

Determination of quality and quantity of goods to be sent abroad
An appraisal report is prepared by receiving a request petition containing information on the characteristics and nature of the goods to be exported.

Other Expertise Transactions
Capacity report is not prepared for the following workplaces which do not use force like machine, device, machine, do not perform serial or standard production and do manual production, and sell their products directly to the consumer and no Expertise Report is issued for such enterprises.

Documents Required for Appraisal Report for Food Business Establishments
- Having the room registration of the applicant company (Head Office, Branch etc.)
- The address of the company where the company manufactures is registered in our Chamber records

1. Application Petition
2. Copy of the title deed of the place where the enterprise is located or rental agreement if the place where the enterprise is established is rented,
3. Accounting approved machine installation list, (if there are engine powers to be written)
4. If there are photocopies of the insured service list of the current employees for the last month, photocopies of the new employment entry declaration,
(SSI indicators will be the address of the firm's workshop.)
5- For the appraisal report, TL 227.00 will be paid to the cashier. The expert's fee will be deposited to the expert's accounts as 135.00_TL.