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K Authorization Certificate


Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey Ministry of Transportation K type according to the protocol signed on 21.09.2005 between the Union (K1, K2, K3) certificates of authorization has been given by our Chamber.

Pursuant to the signed protocol, authorization certificates of type K (K1, K2, K3) have started to be issued by 28 Chambers and still continue to be issued by 42 Chambers.

Those who wish to obtain K type (K1, K2, K3) authorization certificate in these provinces should apply to the relevant Chamber. Applications of those who wish to obtain K type authorization certificate are met by us.

As of 31.12.2010,

K1 : 1777

K1* : 126

K2 : 3158

K2* : 1798

K3 : 11 adet

6870 authorization certificates have been issued.

Having received K type authorization certificate from İzmir Regional Directorate before 21.09.2005; In the event that the owners of the certificate of residence residing in our province and whose commercial activities are continuing, the Authorized Certificate Files of İzmir Regional Directorate shall be able to transfer the authorization certificate files to our Chamber.

In this way, before you go to Izmir, the authorization documents to make transactions, add or remove a new vehicle and so on. Transactions will be done by our Chamber.

K Authorization Certificate: It is given to real and legal persons who will transport domestic goods for commercial purposes. It is divided into the following types according to the form of transport. These are K1, K2 and K3 type authorization certificates.




It is a document given to those engaged in transportation.


It is a document given to those engaged in transportation.

K1 Authorization Certificate for the first time legal entities (companies) at least 75 tons of vehicle fleet with a limit of 10,000 TL. capital.


The period of completion of 75 tons of demand limit of legal entities holding K1 Authorization Certificate until 31.12.2009 has been extended until the first renewal date of authorization certificates.

K Authorization Certificate holders are obliged to prepare an activity report.



K1 * (STAR K1)

However, K1 * (YILDIZLI K1) certificate shall be obtained for the vehicles loaded with a weight of not more than 3.5 tons and within the boundaries of Denizli province (including districts).





It is a document given to those who will only transport goods registered with the carrier's own name and registered with the vehicle or vehicles, and who will not transport for commercial purposes.

K2 * (STAR K2)

However, K2 * (YILDIZLI K2) Authorization Certificate shall be obtained for the transportation of vehicles with a total loaded weight not exceeding 3,5 tons within the scope of its main field of activity.


Those who get K2 * (YILDIZLI K2) Authorization Certificate will be able to transport to Denizli and other provinces.





It is given to those who will transport home and office goods.


In order to obtain K3 authorization certificate, legal persons including real persons and transport cooperatives are required to have a self-owned commercial vehicle fleet for carrying at least 30 tons of goods registered and registered in its own name and capital or working capital of 5.000 TL.


Real persons and legal entities wishing to obtain K type authorization certificate prepare the forms and documents that are available in our Chamber, and in case they apply to our Chamber, their documents are delivered to them as soon as possible.