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Waste Disposal and Recovery Facilities Statistics

985 were found in the waste disposal and recycling facility operating in Turkey

Waste Disposal and Recovery Facilities Survey; all waste disposal and recovery facilities with licensed or provisional activity certificates, and even landfills, incineration and composting facilities operated by or on behalf of municipalities. According to the survey results, a total of 985 facilities, 117 waste disposal facilities and 868 recovery facilities, were operating in 2014.

41 million tons of waste disposed of in landfill facilities

41 million tons of waste were disposed of in 113 landfill facilities with a total capacity of 620 million m3. In addition, in 2014, 45 sterilization facilities with a capacity of 192 thousand tons / year were sterilized and 67 thousand tons of medical waste were sterilized and 68% of the sterilized medical waste was disposed of in regular storage facilities and 32% was sent to municipal dumps.

43 thousand tons of waste disposed of in incineration plants

In the 4 incineration plants with a total capacity of 111,000 tons / year, a total of 43,000 tons of waste was disposed, 40,000 tons of hazardous and 3,000 tons of non-hazardous waste.

20 million tons of waste recycled in recovery facilities

94 thousand tons of waste were processed and 34 thousand tons of compost was produced in 4 composting plants with a total capacity of 310 thousand tons / year. In addition, energy recovery was realized by burning 532 thousand tons of waste in 39 co-incineration facilities with licensed waste recovery. With a total of 825 licensed waste recovery facilities, a total of 19 million tons of waste metal, plastic, paper, mineral and so on. recovered.