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Municipal Water Statistics

5.2 billion m3 of water was drawn from municipalities by municipalities

According to the results of 2014 Municipal Water Statistics Survey applied to all municipalities, 1 394 out of 1 396 municipalities were provided with drinking and potable water network. 5.2 billion m3 of water was drawn by the municipalities from the water sources to the drinking and utility water network. 36% of the water was supplied from dams, 27.2% from wells, 18.8% from springs, 12.5% from rivers and 5.5% from lakes, ponds or seas.

57.2% of the water extracted was treated

Out of a total of 5.2 billion m3 of water drawn into the drinking and potable water network, 3 billion m3 were treated in drinking and potable water treatment plants. 95.5% of the treated water was conventional, 2.9% developed and 1.6% physical treatment.

Served 97% of the population of the municipality with the drinking water network

The share of drinking and potable water networks served by municipal population in Turkey as of 2014, 91% of the population, while their share in total municipal population was found to be 97%. The proportion of the population drinking water treatment plants and municipal services provided 54% of Turkey's population was calculated as 58% of the total municipal population.

The average daily water intake per person was calculated as 203 liters

The average amount of water per capita drawn to the drinking water network by municipalities was calculated as 203 liters. The average daily water intake per capita in our three major cities is 181 liters for Istanbul, 211 liters for Ankara and 180 liters for Izmir.