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Denizli exports decreased by 10.1%, imports decreased by 0.2%

Exports decreased by 10.1%, imports decreased by 0.2% in Denizli

According to the information provided by TÜİK Denizli Regional Manager Ali İhsan YÜCEDAĞ in the framework of Foreign Trade Statistics for October 2015;

Denizli in October compared to the same month of the previous year;

Exports decreased by 10.1% to 210 million 325 thousand dollars and imports decreased by 0.2% to 140 million 485 thousand dollars.

Denizli takes place on October 7th in Turkey's exports to these values, while imports took 11th place in the province.

Turkey across the; exports increased by 3.1% to 13 billion 290 million dollars and imports decreased by 11.9% to 16 billion 911 million dollars.

In October, foreign trade deficit decreased by 42.5% to 3 billion 621 million dollars.

Exports from Turkey to the European Union in October increased by 10.7% and amounted to 6 billion 288 million dollars.

In October, Germany was the most exported country from Denizli

In October 2015, Germany was the country with the highest number of exports from Denizli. Exports to this country amounted to 29 million 73 thousand dollars. Germany was followed by England with 25 million 173 thousand dollars and Italy with 17 million 815 thousand dollars respectively.

In total Turkey, Germany, in October 2015 was made the country more than exports. Exports to this country amounted to $ 1 billion 320 million in October 2015, followed by the United Kingdom ($ 986 million), Iraq ($ 870 million) and Italy ($ 707 million), respectively.

Most imports to Denizli in October were from Kazakhstan

In October 2015, the highest import rate for Denizli was Kazakhstan. Imports from this country amounted to 38 million 949 thousand dollars. Kazakhstan was followed by Uzbekistan with 24 million 479 thousand dollars and Republic of South Africa with 15 million 991 thousand dollars respectively.

China took first place in Turkey's total imports in October. Imports from this country in October 2015 was 2 billion 270 million dollars. Germany (1 billion 820 million dollars), Russia (1 billion 517 million dollars) and Italy (925 million dollars) followed this country.