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Social Protection Statistics

249 billion 358 million TL spent on social protection

Social protection expenditure increased by 13.1% year-on-year to 249 billion 358 million TL. 98.1% (244 billion 630 million TL) of this expenditure was social protection aid. The largest expenditure on social protection benefits was 116 billion 951 million TL with the expenditures made to the retired / elderly people. This was followed by illness / health care expenditures with 73 billion 340 million TL and the lowest expenditure in the category of social exclusion and unclassified with 3 billion 154 million TL.

Expenditure on social protection, 2013-2014

Social protection expenditures accounted for 14.3% of GDP

The share of social protection benefits in gross domestic product (GDP) was calculated as 14% in 2014. When the risk / need groups are analyzed, it is seen that expenditures made to retirees / elderly have the biggest share with 6.7%. This was followed by illness / health care expenditures (4.2%) and widows / orphans (1.7%).

Ratio of social protection expenditures to GDP, 2013-2014

9.7% of social protection benefits were granted conditionally

In 2014, the biggest share of conditional aid was disabled / disabled with 34.1%. This was followed by family / child benefits with 28.4% and sickness / health care benefits with 21.2%.

65.5% of social protection benefits were given in cash

The largest share of cash benefits in 2014 was salary payments (pension / elderly salaries, widows / orphans' salaries and disability / disability salaries) with 94.2%. This was followed by family / children with 2.5% and unemployment benefit payments with 1.8%.

Social protection benefits by types, 2013-2014

The main financial source of social protection expenditures was the state.

In 2014, nearly half (41.5%) of the social protection income was government contribution. This was followed by employer social contributions (26.4%) and contributions by individuals covered by protection (26.2%). The ratio of other revenues was 5.8%.

Distribution of social protection income by types, 2013-2014