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7 471 marriages took place in Denizli

7 471 marriages took place in Denizli

According to the information provided by TURKSTAT Denizli Regional Manager Ali İhsan YÜCEDAĞ regarding the 2015 Marriage Statistics results, in 2015;

The number of married couples in Denizli increased by 0.01% compared to the previous year and reached 7 471. Turkey, the number of couples who got married in 2015. In general, 602 982 has been increased by 0.55% compared to the previous year.

Crude marriage rate corresponding to the number of marriages per 1000 population in a given year ‰ for Turkey in 2015 (in thousands) 7.71, while for Denizli ‰ (per thousand) was recorded as 7.58. With this value, Denizli became the 39th province with the highest rate of rough marriage. The province with the highest crude marriage rate is Kilis with 9.84%. The province with the lowest crude marriage rate is Kastamonu with 5.87 inde (thousandth).

The average age at first marriage was 3.5 in Denizli

In 2015, the average age at first marriage in Denizli was 26.7 years for men and 23.2 years for women.

In Turkey for age at first marriage is 26.9 for men, 23.7 for women was.

The most common marriage is in the 25-29 age group for men and 20-24 age group for women.

When the couples married in Denizli in 2015 were examined according to age groups, the highest number of marriages took place in the 25-29 age group with 2 996 persons in men and in the 20-24 age group with 2 715 persons in women. In Denizli, 124 males, 1 115 females and 150 males and 34 females over the age of 60 married in the 16-19 age group.

When analyzed according to age groups in Turkey couples who married in 2015, 240 881 people in the most married men in the 25-29 age group, while the women 213 596 people took place in the 20-24 age group. 11 656 men in the 16-19 age group in Turkey, while women over 60 years old has married 8471 108 339 2353 women's men.