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Sectoral Confidence Indices, April 2019

Service sector confidence index was 83.1
Seasonally adjusted services confidence index increased from 81.6 in March to 83.1 in April, up 1.9%. According to the previous month in the service sector; business situation, demand for services and demand expectation indices rose by 2.1%, 1.7% and 1.9% to 78.9, 76 and 94.5, respectively.

Retail trade confidence index was 90.6

Seasonally adjusted retail trade confidence index decreased by 0.1% to 90.6 in April. In the retail trade sector; business volume - sales and current goods stock indices decreased by 1.1% and 4.6% to 76.1 and 107.7, respectively. Business volume-sales expectation index increased by 7% to 87.9.

Seasonally adjusted sectoral confidence indices, April 2019

Construction confidence index was 53.9

Seasonally adjusted construction confidence index decreased by 0.3% to 53.9 in April from 54.1 in the previous month. According to the previous month in the construction sector; The current level of registered orders received decreased by 1.8% to 40.8. The total number of employees expectation index increased by 0.7% to 67.

Seasonally adjusted sectoral confidence indices, sub-indices and
exchange rates, April 2019

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The sectoral confidence indices can be valued in the 0-200 range, and the index being greater than 100 indicates optimism about the current and future periods and the pessimism being less than 100 indicates the sector.