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Notice to the owner Ruler Annual Operating Company Industry Registration Certificate

From Denizli Provincial Directorate of Science, Industry and Technology:
According to Article 5 of the Industrial Registry Law No. 6948; The industrial enterprises holding the Industrial Registration Certificate shall submit the Annual Operating Schedule for the previous year (2014) until 30 April 2015; It is obligatory to enter the Annual Operating List (2014) section with the user name and password via ​​internet address.
Pursuant to Article 9 of the Industrial Registry Law, an administrative fine of 835,00 TL (eight hundred and eighty-five) TL shall be imposed in 2015 for the enterprises that do not enter the system with the Industrial Registry Certificate within the period (until 30 April 2015).
In order not to be a victim of the enterprises having the Industrial Registry Certificate, they are required to enter the Annual Operating Schedule of 2014 at the internet address mentioned above until 30 April 2015.
Detailed information about the subject, Denizli Science, Industry and Technology can be obtained from the phone number 261 43 43 Provincial Directorate. deniil is.