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75.5% of Denizli residents were born in Denizli

75.5% of Denizli residents were born in Denizli

Turkey Statistical Institute (TSI) Denizli Regional Director Ali in 2015, according to the information given in the framework of Birth Statistics by Ihsan YÜCEDAĞ;

Place of these values ​​was 75.5% for the ratio of Denizli yl and 64.9% for the general population residing in Turkey. The provinces with the highest percentage of residents were Kahramanmaraş with 90.1%, Şanlıurfa with 89.4% and Adıyaman with 89.1%, while Yalova with 29.8% and Kocaeli with 42.6%. and Tekirdağ with 43%. Denizli is the 44th province with 75.5% of the population living in the city where it was born.

Of the 958 764 people born in Denizli, 749 968 were residing in Denizli while 208 796 were residing in other provinces. While the first three provinces where Denizli people live most are İzmir with 39 218 people, Aydın with 27 462 people and İstanbul with 23.136 people, the least inhabited provinces of Denizli are Kilis with 61 jobs, Bayburt with 72 people and Ardahan with 89 people. .

When the inhabitants of Denizli were born in other provinces, Afyonkarahisar took the first place with 35 784 people, followed by Aydın with 16 581 people and Burdur with 14 992 people.

In addition, there are 130 Bayburt, 138 Yalova and 138 Kilis born in Denizli.

15 998 people who were born in Denizli were born abroad

15 998 of the people living in Denizli were born abroad. 1 592 437 of the residents of the country were born abroad.