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Czech data matrix.


As we all know, futures trades have an important place in trade. Because in the real sector, capital is often scarce, and access to finance is not always easy and cheap. In particular, term checks are an important source of financing for our companies.

domestic sales turnover of the companies in Turkey, ie total domestic trade volume is around 3.7 trillion in 2014. It is estimated that approximately two thirds of this domestic trade volume, namely 2.4 trillion liras, is made through futures transactions. Futures trading has a large share in the economy.

Following the abolition of the imprisonment in the bad check, we have ensured the opening of check records to the private sector together with the Credit Registry Office. However, our companies in the real sector did not use this system to the extent we expected. 95 percent of the Czech registry reports financial institutions, while the share of the real sector remained at 5 per cent.

On top of that, a check code application has been developed to make the system faster, more reliable and more effective. Turkey Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges In this process, the Banks Association of Turkey, Credit Bureau and relevant public institutions have worked in coordination. Data matrix checks, was a first in Turkey and in the world.

Risk centralization positive track record of granting the Banks Association of Turkey began to be kept at the center. People have not paid checks and promissory notes began to enter the records. Since 2006, the entire credit history of individuals has been recorded in the Credit Bureau. Therefore, when using the data matrix check, the entire financial history of the person issuing the check can now be seen.

Karekodlu check, which has been implemented since 15 June 2015, is a new and very important financial product that will directly and positively affect the business life.

The new application, which will facilitate the use of checks in the market and give more information to the market about the scavenger, has started with the check-code. For this, it is important that our members request a check with the codecode from the banks they work for. In addition, the demand of the members with a data matrix check for their customers while trading will ensure the spread of the system and increase the use of the data matrix check. In this way, we will have a safer trading environment.

You can reach and download the introduction of the square code check and how to use it at ExchangesDBSpages20151012-Sunum.php.