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Manufacturing Industry Water, Wastewater and Waste Statistics

2.4 billion m3 of water was withdrawn by manufacturing industry establishments

According to the results of the manufacturing industry water, wastewater and waste statistics surveys, businesses drew 2.4 billion m3 of water in 2014. 70.7% of the water drawn from the sea, 14.5% from the well, 3.8% from the organized industrial zone (OIZ) network, 3.5% from the dam, 2.7% from the river, 1% 5 were obtained from city network, 1.3% from source and 2% from other water sources. 77.4% of the water was used as cooling water.

1.9 billion m3 wastewater discharged by manufacturing industry establishments

In 2014, 1.9 billion m3 of wastewater was discharged by the workplaces. 81.4% of the discharged wastewater was found to be cooling water. 80.7% of the total wastewater was discharged to the sea, 7.3% to the river, 6.3% to the OIZ sewage system, 3.1% to the urban sewage system, and 2.6% to the other receiving environments.

55% of wastewater discharged, excluding cooling water, treated

While 9.7 million m3 of 1.6 billion m3 of cooling water discharged to receiving environments is treated, 55.1% of 359 million m3 of wastewater discharged except for cooling water is treated.

16 million tons of waste generated in manufacturing industry establishments

In 2014, a total of 16 million tons of waste was generated in the manufacturing industry establishments, of which 1 million tons were hazardous. 5.4% of the total waste was recovered on site, 45.1% was sold or sent to licensed waste disposal and recovery companies, 31.1% was disposed of in landfills, 4.3% was disposed of in landfills, 11.8% were stored in the workplace, 1.3% were incinerated in co-incineration or incineration plants, and 1% was disposed of by other methods.