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Environmental Employment, Income and Expenditure Statistics,

Total environmental expenditures amounted to TL 20.7 billion in 2014

69.6% of the total environmental expenditures, which amounted to TL 20.7 billion, consisted of current expenditures and 30.4% of investment expenditures. 76.9% of the total environmental expenditures were made by the public sector and 23.1% by the business sector. Municipalities accounted for 84.3% of the public sector's total environmental expenditure. The share of total environmental expenditures in gross domestic product was 1.2% in 2014.

Environmental expenditures focus on waste management and water services

41% of total environmental expenditures were waste management services, 29.6% were water services, 20.2% were wastewater management services and 9.2% were environmental expenditures. It was determined that water services had the highest share in public sector environmental expenditures with 38% and waste management services had the highest share with 69% in business sector.

Total environmental revenues amounted to TL 18.7 billion

Of the total 18.7 billion TL environmental revenues, 60.2% was in the public sector and 39.8% in the business sector.

68 thousand people employed in environmental activities

In 2014, a total of 68 486 people were employed in environmental activities in public institutions, special provincial administrations, enterprises and organized industrial zones. 10% of those employed in environmental activities were women and 90% were men.