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Annual Industrial Product Statistics

1 070 748 automobiles and 7 868 150 refrigerators were produced in our country.

In Turkey, 70 thousand 748 units in 2014 to 1 million cars produced, 174 million 163 thousand 340 tons of ready-mixed concrete, 704 thousand 113 tons of margarine and similar edible fats, produced 7 million 868 thousand 150 pieces of household refrigerators and freezers.

Sales from production totaled TL 860 billion 253 million

The sales of the enterprises produced by the enterprises in 2014 totaled TL 860 billion 253 million. While this value was 732 billion 609 million TL in 2013, it was 655 billion 833 million TL in 2012.

Total production and sales values of industrial products (at nominal prices), 2014

Sanayi Food products sanayi became the industry segment where sales from most production were realized.

In 2014, 15.5% of the sales made from the products produced by the enterprises were realized in food products. This was followed by basic metal industry products with 12.1% and textile products with 8.1%.

Shares of the top three industrial sectors with the highest share, 2014

3% of sales from production came from high-tech products

When the products produced in the manufacturing industry were classified according to technology levels, it was seen that the high-tech products accounted for 3% of the total sales value. The total of low and medium-low groups was 73.3%, while the total of high and medium-high technology groups remained at 26.7%.

Proportional distribution of products by technology level, 2014

In the main industrial groups, intermediate goods ranked first with 46.3%

When the products produced in the manufacturing industry in 2014 are classified according to the Main Industrial Groups (MIGs); 46.3% of the total sales value of intermediate goods. Durable consumer goods had the smallest share of total sales with 5.2%.

Proportional distribution of products by main industrial groups, 2014


by TSI detail to reveal their level of production of industrial products in Turkey carried out since the reference year 2005 industrial products (PRODCOM) statistics are published in the newsletter since 2012. The results of the study. The results of the study can also be accessed from the İK Statistical Tables and Dynamic Inquiry ”section of the TurkStat website.